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Hey, look! I'm posting!
I bet you all thought I was dead or something. Look, here I am!

And I have two AMAZING pieces of info to share with you.

First, I went out and got the KFC Double Down the first day it was available. Because how can you NOT? And the result is a resounding... meh. It wasn't a delicous feast of decadence, it wasn't thoroughly disgusting, it was just... I don't know. The only thing it's got going for it is the novelty factor. The "Colonel's special sauce" is just some chipotle mayo borrowed from Taco Bell, so the whole thing is really just a Tex-Mex chicken cordon bleu. Meh.

Secondly, and more awesomely, this is an actual picture of an actual car that I actually took with my actual phone yesterday:

When you find yourself at a light behind a car like that, how can you NOT take a picture?